Most Favorite Nature Tourism in Kyrgyzstan, Full of Enchanting Stunning scenery

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Most Favorite Nature Tourism in Kyrgyzstan, Full of Enchanting Stunning scenery

The Most Favorite Nature Tour in Kyrgyzstan, Enjoying Stunning Views. Kyrgyzstan has many successful tourist destinations attracting visitors from various countries. This country will not only be presented with beautiful city and village views, but also several natural destinations that are successfully entertaining.

Most Favorite Nature Tourism in Kyrgyzstan

Nature tourism in Kyrgyzstan is famous for being unspoiled and very well preserved. Here are 5 of the most favorite natural attractions in Kyrgyzstan, full of charm!

1. Issyk Kul Lake


Issyk Kul Lake is one of the most popular lakes in the country. This lake will manage to amaze visitors with its natural beauty. It is also considered the second largest type of alpine lake.

Because of its very large size, some people interpret it as an ocean. The alluring panorama of the lake and coupled with places for trekking and hiking make this lake very famous in Kyrgyzstan.

2. Sary Chelek Reserve

Sary Chelek Reserve is a nature reserve that gives its own charm for tourists. This place is also successful in providing a clear picture of the natural panorama. Magnificent mountain views and lush meadows will certainly refresh the eyes.

The lake located in the middle also adds to the perfection of this place. In addition, visitors can also witness a variety of rare species in this nature reserve.

3. Mt. Sulaiman Too

Mt. Solomon Too is a very popular mountain in this country. This mountain has become a major attraction for many Muslims.

There are many attractions that can be enjoyed here, ranging from many historical monuments, petroglyphs, two mosques and many more.

From the top of the mountain, visitors can also see the amazing beauty of the city.

4. Lenin Peak

Lenin Peak has a height of 7,000 meters. The terrain that is taken is not too steep so all types of amateur and professional climbers can climb this mountain.

This mountain is perfect for the adventurous because it will give a sensation of freedom and enthusiasm when climbing the mountain.

Many visitors also decide to camp here. This of course makes the mountain almost never empty of visitors.

5. Ala Archa Gorge


The last one, Ala Archa Gorge is an ideal place to watch the horses, sheep and cows throughout the area as they feed on the grass. Many attractions are pleasing to the eye while here, ranging from the stunning mountains, beautifully flowing rivers, to the pistachio trees that surround it.

Kyrgyzstan has a variety of natural tourist destinations that refresh the mind and soothe the heart. Who will make Kyrgyzstan the next tourist destination?