Beautiful beaches in Singapore, let’s have a vacation

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Beautiful beaches in Singapore, let’s have a vacation

Singapore is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Southeast Asia Although Singapore’s area is not wider than Bali and only popular because of the city view, but make no mistake, this lion country also has some beautiful seas that are good to visit. Like other tropical islands, this beach in Singapore also presents the natural beauty of the sea through a stretch of beautiful white sand that blends gently with the blue sea water. Beautiful beaches in Singapore, let’s have a vacation.

Beautiful beaches in Singapore

Sentosa Island
Sentosa Island

1. Sentosa Island

The Sentosa Island is an island that was reclaimed from the island of Singapore. However, after being reclaimed and re-opened, this artificial island has now become one of the most popular tourist attractions because it has been integrated with a series of complete facilities ranging from hotels, cafes and restaurants. What’s interesting about this beautiful island is that we can get around to all corners of the spot just by using a bus or tram.

2. Siloso Beach

This tourist attraction is located close to the connecting port between Batam and Singapore, offers a very clean maritime atmosphere. The stretch of white sand that stretches along the beach and the clear blue water and small waves are soothing to the heart making it the most comfortable tourist destination to visit. Even though the sea is artificial but its beauty is no less beautiful than natural beaches. In addition to sunbathing and canoeing, hunting photos or beautiful pictures is the best thing that we must do here.

3. Palawan Beach

Among several marine on the island of Sentosa, Palawan beach is the most famous. This is evident from the many pictures or photos that also decorate the desktop wallpaper or postcard. This place is suitable for families and couples and close to Siloso beach, it is one of the most visited and friendly to all ages. What’s more, in the Palawan area there are lots of interesting photo spots provided such as viewing towers and suspension bridges. And regarding the tower of view, from above the spot we can enjoy the panorama around the sea to the island of Batam.

4. East Coat Beach

East Coat Beach is also one of the most beautiful marine areas on Sentosa Island. Even though it is an artificial object, this nautical scene looks very natural. With a beautiful coastline stretching along 15 km, making the area always crowded every year by those who love picnics. And at East Coat itself, Friends of JejakPiknik can fill an empty stomach by eating a variety of seafood dishes typical of the Lion country. Guaranteed to keep you going. Not infrequently, many young Singaporeans love to hold barbecue parties in the area to spend their weekends.

5. Changi Beach


Changi Beach is the oldest beach and very famous for being haunted. This Beach presents a beautiful sea view with a rural atmosphere in the 60-70s. Combined with the waves of sea water and white sand, who would have thought that this beautiful beach was a silent witness to the massacre of thousands of Chinese descendants during World War II. Visiting Changi beach, don’t be surprised if you suddenly hear screams or cries. Do the calculations, while traveling test your guts.