List of Cheap Accommodations in Paris

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List of Cheap Accommodations in Paris

A visit to the European region seems to need to prepare a lot of funds considering the current price the dollar, of course, is very different. Starting from the price of food, transportation costs, and accommodation in Europe tend to be more expensive than in the Asian region. Even so, it did not stop Indonesian tourists from continuing to visit Europe. Of all the countries in Europe that exist, Paris seems to be in the spotlight of many Indonesian tourists.

In addition, it turns out that there are also many cheap lodgings that you can find when visiting Paris, France. It seems that Paris itself is not just a city that is in the spotlight of tourists from top circles such as celebrities from the country, there are also many Indonesian tourists with backpacker style to Paris. Apart from being famous for being the city of fashion and the most romantic city in the world, it seems that Paris also presents a lot of beauty. And one of the most iconic and the center of attention of many tourists for the first time coming to Paris is the Eiffel Tower.

Cheap Hotels in Paris

The Eiffel Tower is one of the tallest towers in Paris and is an iron tower with a location on the Champ de Mars on the banks of the River Seine, Paris. For most tourists, especially Indonesian tourists, taking pictures with the background of the Eiffel Tower is one of the mandatory moments as proof that they have been to Paris. And as one of the main tourist destinations in Europe, Paris is of course filled with inns of various types. Ranging from luxury inns with top-class facilities, to simple lodgings at quite affordable rates.

Boissiere Hotel

Boissiere Cheap Hotel
Boissiere Cheap Hotel

First Cheap Hotels in Paris. This 1-star hotel is located in the heart of Paris, besides that this hotel is also one of the hotels with lots of room space in it. About 50 rooms, this hotel also has 6 class rooms. The first class is single class with rental rates per night starting from 39 EUR to 66 EUR, as for the superieure class with nightly rates ranging from 43 EUR to 69 EUR, for double class where in this room 2 types of mattresses will be provided, namely with rates 49 EUR to 119 EUR, for the twin room class the rate is from 49 EUR to 119 EUR, deluxe room rates are from 59 EUR to 134 EUR, and finally in the triple room class the rate is 119 EUR.

There are main facilities that must be in every room, namely air conditioning, free wifi, toilets and toiletries, wardrobe, and a dressing table set. As a public facility that you can enjoy anytime for free, this hotel provides swimming pool facilities. And the location of the hotel is also strategic so that you can access several places outside the hotel such as the post office, supermarket, bank, and laundry nearby with check-in hours open from 15.00.

53, rue Jean Jaurès, Levallois Perret, Paris, France, 92300

Kyriad Fresnes

On the next list of cheap lodgings in Paris that can be your recommendation, Kyriad Fresnes, this is one of the hotels with a 2-star level that has quite affordable rates. Lots of Indonesian tourists have tried to spend the night at this hotel before, apart from the friendly employees, of course, this hotel also has a lot of facilities.

As the main facilities that must be in every room, this hotel provides air conditioning, a toilet complete with shower and hot water, as well as some common furniture in each room. To stay at the Kyriad Fresnes hotel, you can pay rates starting from IDR 750 thousand. There are about 84 rooms in this hotel that can be your choice when visiting.

30/32 avenue de la, Divisi Leclerc, Paris, France, 94260

Premiere Classe Igny Hotel

Premiere Classe Igny Hotel is a type of 2-star hotel in Paris, its strategic location seems to make this hotel crowded with visitors. This hotel also provides meeting & conference rooms in it. In addition, visitors will get breakfast facilities in the form of light snacks of croissants, white and brown bread, as well as coffee drinks, various teas, hot chocolate, milk, and orange juice. You can enjoy this hotel by paying room rental rates from 35 EUR per night.

12 RUE Maryse Bastie, Igny, Paris, France, 91430

Viator Hotel

Viator Cheap Hotel
Viator Cheap Hotel

For those of you who want a quiet atmosphere, you can try staying at this hotel. This 2-star hotel provides 18 rooms, each of which is equipped with a TV, telephone, sink, and WC. While the bathroom is separate outside the room. This accommodation is priced from 90 EUR per night.

61 Rue des Moines, Paris, France, 75017

Paris Chilly-Mazarin Star Hotel

The last Cheap Hotels in Paris. This 2-star hotel provides parking facilities and free WiFi for all its visitors. Each room is also equipped with cable TV facilities and an private bathroom. The rate for this hotel starts from IDR 1,552,979 per night.

1 Rue Amper, Chilly-Mazarin, Paris, France, 91380