Beautiful Mountain Tourism Destinations in Indonesia

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Beautiful Mountain Tourism Destinations in Indonesia

In Indonesia, there are many beautiful mountain tours that are part of the ring of fire. This ring of fire is what makes Indonesia different from other countries. From a series of volcanoes, it has a stunning and exotic natural beauty. Mountain area that is so extraordinary natural panorama.

Not only tropical forests, but also beautiful waterfalls, caves, flora and fauna. Then you also find a variety of protected animals. You will also see the natural scenery around the mountain from a height.

List of Beautiful Mountain Tourism Destinations in Indonesia

The following are recommendations for 4 mountain tours that can be an alternative for you and your family with beautiful natural scenery.

Semeru Mountain

Semeru Mountain Tourism Destination
Semeru Mountain Tourism Destination

One of the recommendations for mountain tourism that has a beautiful natural panorama is Mount Semeru. Then when visiting the Mount Semeru area, you will find a beautiful lake, namely Lake Ranu. The location of Ranu Kumbolo lake itself is at an altitude of 2400 meters above sea level.

The climbers first go through a long and steep incline to access. However, after successfully passing through the steep access, you are treated to stunning natural views from a height. You also not only get exotic natural treats from the top of Mount Semeru. A row of beautiful and beautiful flowers is located in Ombo’s muscles, namely lavender flowers. No wonder then Mount Semeru became a favorite location for climbers.

Location: Malang Regency and Lumajang Regency, East Java

Mount Prau

This mountain is a favorite of climbers. Because, the landscape that is presented is so charming. The tourist location of Mount Prau has a height of 2565 meters above sea level, right in this highland area. Beautiful and amazing, because it is the highest mountain tourism in the Dieng area.

When you travel to Mount Prau, there is no harm in stopping by Sikunir Hill to see the sunrise from a height. Another treat that is important not to be missed is seeing a row of prairie hills with the nickname Teletubbies Hill.

Location: Batang Kendal Regency—Wonosobo, Central Java

Mount Papandayan

Those of you who like edelweiss flowers can do Mount Papandayan climbing activities. Therefore, you need to go to the Tegal Alun area to find the edelweiss flower. Tegal Alun is the location for edelweiss flowers to grow with beautiful flowers during the spring season.

The tourist location of Mount Papandayan is in the Garut Regency, West Java. In addition, not only edelweiss is served in this place. You can find several craters at a number of points on the hiking trail. The series of craters include Mas crater, Nangklak crater, and Manu crater, which have different beauty.

Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo Tourism Destinations
Mount Bromo Tourism Destinations

Bromo is one of the recommendations for mountain tourism that has beautiful natural scenery. You can enjoy the beauty of the beautiful sunrise from the top of Bromo. The tourist location of Mount Bromo is right at the address of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park area. From the height of the peak of Mount Bromo, you can see a row of mountains around the Bromo National Park.

Another traveling activity when traveling in the Bromo National Park area is exploring the vast expanse of sand dunes. You can ride horses or rent a jeep to explore the Mount Bromo area. In addition, you can do traveling activities around Mount Bromo with amazing beauty.

Tourist destinations located around Mount Bromo such as Mount Bromo Penanjakan. The Pananjakan area of ​​2770 meters above sea level is a strategic location to see the sunrise. Another beautiful tourist destination that is fun as an alternative tour is Mount Widodaren, then Bukit Cinta Bromo. Mount Teletubbies Bromo is a hill full of green meadows. That’s Beautiful Mountain Tourism Destinations in Indonesia. Enjoy Indonesia!