How To Stay Away From Drugs: Experts Decode How You Can Protect Yourself

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How To Stay Away From Drugs: Experts Decode How You Can Protect Yourself
How To Stay Away From Drugs: Experts Decode How You Can Protect Yourself

When it comes to drugs, it’s always a good idea to stay away from them. This guide will go over the ideas provided by experts so you know what actions to take. Some drugs are so dangerous that you might find yourself dying from an overdose after one try.

If you have experimented with drugs or have started using them recently, you’ll need to quit now. Plus, it’s important that you get the help you need as soon as possible. You can get more information from Epiphany Wellness at their website:

Let’s continue this discussion on what steps you need to take in order to stay away from drugs.

Don’t go to parties where drugs are present

You may be at a party hanging out with friends. You’re having a good time and enjoying yourselves. But then you notice drug use not far from you.

That’s one sign for you to get out of the situation before you get caught up in it yourself. You can tell your friends that you’re leaving because ‘something came up’. Or you can let them know that you’re not feeling good and want to go home.

It’s OK to make up an excuse just to leave a party where drugs are present. If you end up being offered something, just say ‘no’ and stick to your guns. Peer pressure is real and you should never give into it.

Alternatively, you can decline going to a party if you’re invited by friends. It’s OK if you’re not the partying type of person.

Know that drugs are not for self-medication

You could be dealing with stress, a poor mood, or even a mental disorder. These are a few reasons why people turn to drugs. Especially when they use them to self-medicate.

If you are dealing with stress on a regular basis, it’s important to consider practicing regular mindfulness. It can take a few minutes to do a brief exercise that will center you and make you more aware. If you have a mental disorder that has already been diagnosed, make sure that you are following your treatment plan.

If you believe you are suffering from a mental disorder, make sure you get the help you need. You might have little options. But don’t let that be an excuse for you to turn to drugs.

Don’t give up. You’re bound to find professional help for your mental disorders sooner rather than later. When you do, it will help keep you away from using drugs.

An untreated mental disorder can increase your risk of addiction. At that point, you may use drugs on a regular basis to ‘soothe the pain’. Unbeknownst to yourself, drug use can also lead to your mental disorder symptoms worsening.

What can happen is that you’ll be diagnosed with both a mental disorder and an addiction. This is known as a dual diagnosis. When this happens, you will have a treatment plan in place that will take care of both the mental disorder and the addiction at the same time.

It can be a challenge, but getting treated for an addiction and a mental disorder is possible. And you can be able to manage your mental disorder while getting rid of your addiction once and for all.

Don’t even think about using it – even if it’s ‘legal’

Marijuana for recreational use is legal in a handful of states. Just because it’s legal, doesn’t mean you have to use it yourself. That’s why you can abstain from using marijuana and do something else instead.

You can have a good time without having to use any substances. Alcohol is legal also. But you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to. 

Again, you may be pressured to try marijuana or even a sip of alcohol. It’s within your power to say no. It’s your life and you’re in the driver seat.

Don’t be friends or date someone who uses drugs

You have every right to decide who your friends are. To that end, you can also have the right to date someone who you like. However, if they openly admit to using drugs, these are the people you want to steer clear from.

The reason is obvious. They might do drugs in front of you. It can get to the point where they might pressure you to join in.

If you’re dating someone who is using drugs, this can cause problems in the relationship. It can lead to a breakdown in communication. Your significant other may be behaving erratically and taking risks that could end up injuring or killing themselves.

At the same time, they too may also pressure you into doing drugs with them. The company you keep can lead to negative consequences. However, you can keep it positive by hanging out with people that don’t use drugs any day of the week.

Spread the message to young people

You may be a teacher, a parent, or an authority figure that works with kids. You can get them to stay away from drugs as well. Even if they don’t seem like they’re listening, try and get your point across.

You may be seen as a highly-respected role model. People admire and look up to you. If this is the case, make your message about the dangers of drugs as clear as possible.

Final Thoughts

Staying away from drugs doesn’t have to be hard. Follow these five tips above and make sure that you’re not the only one staying away from drugs. It’s important that you take the best preventative measures.

Drug abuse and addiction is serious. It can also be a challenge to overcome. You can save yourself the time, stress, and money by staying away from them altogether. If anything, you’ll be a better person for it.

Abide by a rule to never use drugs – not even once. Your mind and body will thank you later. 



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