The most common causes of damaged laptops

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The most common causes of damaged laptops

Causes of Laptops Easily Damaged you must know it. Distance learning or online makes students have to be able to take care of smartphones or laptops so they can still be used for learning. Especially if the laptop is used for a long time and opens many applications.

5 Causes of Easily Damaged Laptops

Therefore, it is important for you to avoid things that cause laptops to break easily. Here are the causes:

1. Plug in a laptop charger

Plug in a laptop charger
Plug in a laptop charger

Usually you will plug the charger into the laptop first or plug the charger into the power line first? This is important to know before you own a laptop. It turns out that to avoid a laptop that breaks quickly, you have to plug the charger cable into the mains first before attaching it to the laptop.

That’s because the power jump at the power plug is still unstable, so it can cause the laptop motherboard to quickly break.

2. Charge the laptop even though the battery has not run out

It often happens when when in use, the laptop owner charges the laptop even though the battery has not run out. Though it makes the laptop will be easily damaged if you often charge the battery. It’s best to avoid charging the laptop when the battery percentage is above 30%.

However, also avoid charging it when the battery is empty. Both of these things make the quality of the battery decreases.

3. Putting the laptop on your lap

Surely you often sit with your laptop on your lap? Now, from now on it should be avoided because placing the laptop on your lap can make the airflow under the laptop obstructed so that hot air from the laptop is trapped. This makes the laptop have to work hard with closed circulation.

Because of this, laptops heat up quickly and cause overheating in laptop components.

4. Often put heavy objects on the laptop


It is important to note that after using the laptop, make sure that there are no heavy objects on the laptop. This risks damaging the laptop screen.

Usually, a broken laptop screen is indicated by a vertical or horizontal line appearing. If this continues, the laptop screen will be permanently damaged and must be replaced.

5. Closing the laptop screen carelessly

After using a laptop, usually everyone immediately closes the screen. Apparently, this should not be done carelessly, especially on the LCD. From now on, change the habit of turning off the laptop by shutting down or hibernate and immediately closing the screen and putting it in a bag or storing it in a drawer.

Well, that’s 5 causes of easily damaged laptops that students should know.