5 Hotel in Bali with Ocean View Infinity Pool

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Infinity pool aka a swimming pool that displays the illusion of an infinite waterline because it is directly facing the sea or is at the height of a skyscraper does not seem new, especially for those of you who often observe celebrity vacation photos.

Having fun while relaxing in the swimming pool with ocean view might be the perfect vacation plan for you. Moreover, if the place you are going is Bali. Well, in this article Hipwee will thoroughly explore the 10 best hotels with sea views in Bali that can be your holiday option later. Curious? Come on, see below!

1. Mick’s Place on Bingin beach is one of the favorite places for honeymooners. Yes, of course, the swimming pool is very beautiful apparently

Unlike hotels that use buildings with modern architecture, Mick’s Place uses bungalows as a place to rest for their guests. With a relatively cheap price of 1.3 million rupiah , you can enjoy a panoramic view of the sea directly from the swimming pool.

2. Blue Point Villas and Spa Hotel in Uluwatu provides a stunning panoramic view of the blue ocean. Take your partner on vacation there!

Blue Point Villas and Spa Hotel
Blue Point Villas and Spa Hotel

Incredible beauty is presented on the edge of the Uluwatu cliff. Yes, Blue Points Villas and Spa Hotel is indeed one of the best hotels in Bali by presenting a sea view that pampers its visitors. Enjoy the jacuzzi and wooden gazebo to relax and enjoy the serene ocean waves. Staying there you have to provide at least 2.7 million rupiah for each night.

3. The Edge Bali is indeed a hotel with an extraordinary swimming pool overlooking the open ocean! Very world class

The Edge Hotel in Bali with an exotic swimming pool is located in Uluwatu, South Kuta. The infinity pool here is very challenging and so awesome. This hotel is not cheap either. Last night here you need to spend 14 million rupiah. Wow!

4. Tired of bathing in the pool while looking at the ocean, Villa Sidemen offers a complete panorama of Mount Agung

So far, direct views of the sea have always been excellent. Even though there are actually too many swimming pools with sea views. For those of you who like green mountain panoramas, Villa Sidemen can be your choice. Only 2 million rupiah is enough to stay overnight there.

5. Infinity pools don’t have to be expensive. Stay at Kila Infinity8 for only 500 thousand!

Kila Infinity8
Kila Infinity8


For those of you who want to stay in the popular area in Bali, Jimbaran, you should add Kila Infinity8 to your list. The swimming pool on the rooftop is amazingly beautiful. Especially when dusk arrives. Amazingly, this hotel with cool infinity pool facilities is offered at a fairly cheap price, which is ‘only’ for 500 thousand rupiah. Great right?