Beach Tours in Finland, Fun Atmosphere with beautiful views

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Beach Tours in Finland, Fun Atmosphere with beautiful views

Beach Tours in Finland, Fun Atmosphere with the most beautiful beach views. Finland is one of the perfect countries to enjoy such spectacular natural beauty. One of them is the beach. The beaches in this country are famous for being clean, very well maintained, and have a very alluring charm. Besides being able to be visited in summer, this beach also does not lose its beauty when winter arrives.

Beach Tours in Finland

Here are five beach tours for healing in Finland, the atmosphere is fun!

1. Nallikari beach

Nallikari beach
Nallikari beach

Nallikari Beach is a stunning beach located in Northern Finland. This beach is a small beach and is famous for its cleanliness. Even so, Nallikari Beach remains an amazing natural attraction. Visitors can rent a bicycle and ride it to get around the beach as the sand is flat and suitable for cycling so you can take a walk or swim in the sea. There are also several cafes and restaurants here to quench your thirst and fill your stomach.

2. Yyteri beach

Yyteri Beach is a very long but very well maintained beach. This beach is famous for its beauty and has a variety of facilities. One of them is that visitors can play volleyball or soccer. Around the beach there are also many places to eat that serve a variety of special and international menus and shops selling snacks.

3. Rauhaniemi beach

Rauhaniemi Beach is a not so long beach. This beach is small and separated into two parts. The first part is for small children and the other part is for parents. Rauhaniemi Beach has a serene atmosphere that makes it an ideal place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. If lucky, in winter, visitors can see the beauty of the aurora which is so amazing.

4. Bellevue beach

Bellevue beach
Bellevue beach

Bellevue Beach is a very clean beach and attracts many tourists. This beach is one of the most popular beaches in all of Finland. The best time to visit it is during summer. Besides having an amazing panorama, at Bellevue Beach visitors can also watch some fish swimming in the water because the water is shallow and clear.

5. Hietaranta beach

Hietaranta Beach is a great place to relax while reading a book. Visitors usually sunbathe and enjoy the waves crashing against their feet. Many other activities can be done here such as playing volleyball, beach ball, or surfing. There is also a cafe where visitors can buy some snacks and drinks.

Beach tourism lovers should not miss all the beaches above while on vacation to Finland, yes. All the beaches there are very well maintained! Enjoy your traveling!