16 Celebs Who Look Nearly Identical

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16 Celebs Who Look Nearly Identical

Have you noticed how Hollywood definitely has a type? Like many celebrities look very similar and at some point we even started joking that there are A-list and budget versions of every celeb out there? But now we’re noticing that certain types of celebs exist in both male and female versions. Is it because everyone does cosmetic surgeries and therefore ends up looking the same or is it that particular facial features just mean you’re destined for success? We’re not exactly sure. But we’re pretty sure you’ll find some of these comparisons very eye-opening. You’ve probably never thought of them looking the same but once you see them side by side you’ll be blown away.

1. Natalia Dyer and Timothée Chalamet

The girl from Stranger Things and everyone’s crush look like they might be brother and sister, if not twins. The jaw, the nose, even the ears, their faces are nearly identical.

2. Ryan Reynolds and Kate Beckinsale

Never in a million years would you think to compare these two, but now that you see them side by side you can’t deny they look very much alike. It’s the eyes, right? 

3. Zoe Saldana and Thandie Newton

We’re pretty sure they could replace Zoe with Thandie halfway into the movie and you wouldn’t even notice it.