We Can’t Believe How Michael Jackson’s Son Has Changed

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Michael Jackson had three children, but there are none quite as famous (or perhaps infamous) as his son, Prince Jackson II (better known by his nickname, Blanket). That’s not the kid’s fault, of course…it’s just that some of us will never forget when Jackson held his wriggling baby over a 60-foot balcony shortly after he was born. We all thought the most famous man in the world was about to kill (accidentally or otherwise) his own kid!

However, Blanket spent the years after that shaping up into an independent young man with an identity of his own. After Michael Jackson passed away, Blanket made some major changes, and we’re a little shocked at some of them.

What changes are we talking about? Keep reading to find out!

Giving himself a brand-new name

Let’s face it: “Blanket” is a pretty unusual nickname. However, it was one that Michael Jackson was fond of. Therefore, that’s how his youngest son presented himself to the world, but it didn’t take that long for him to realize he’d need to make a change.

At school, the young boy was frequently bullied thanks to his unconventional nickname. After a while, he decided that he’d stop going by both Blanket and his birth name, Prince Jackson II. Instead, he had his name legally changed to Bigi Jackson, a “big” change for a young man coming into a better sense of who he is.