This ‘Dallas’ Star’s Life Is Crazier Than Any Episode

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Ever notice how your favorite stars can disappear, practically overnight? One day, they are a staple of your TV diet; the next day, simply put, they might as well have dropped off the face of the planet.

That’s certainly the case with Linda Gray. On TV, she played Sue Ellen in Dallas, and she brought the role to life across three decades. But she largely dropped off the pop culture grid after the show ended and has hardly been seen since the tragic death of her son.

What has Linda Gray been up to lately, and how has her life proven to have more twists and turns than any Dallas episode? Keep reading to find out!

‘Dallas’ made Sue Linda Gray into a household name

For a while, it seemed like Dallas was the most popular show in pop culture history.

That means that anyone who appeared in this series had the kind of fame and influence that most actors would, frankly, kill for.

This included Linda Gray, who became a household name thanks to the success of the show. She played Sue Ellen, wife of the Larry Hagman character JR Ewing. She enjoyed such fame that she even attended conventions celebrating Dallas from time to time, but she has made almost no public appearances since the untimely death of her son.