The Truth About Céline Dion’s Health Struggle

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Céline Dion is almost singlehandedly proof of how influential music can be. Almost everyone around the world has heard her voice, and her profound lyrics have moved our hearts (which will go on, of course) for year after year.

Unfortunately, you won’t hear much from the singer these days. That’s because she was diagnosed with a major illness that has railroaded her career, possibly forever. Just what is Dion’s diagnosis, and how has it transformed her life? Keep reading to find out!

How Céline Dion became a household name

While some singers simply take a few years to find their groove, Céline Dion seemed destined for success from the very beginning. She won Eurovision in 1988, and the success of 1993 album The Colour of My Love made her a worldwide star. It was just a few years after this that Dion became a household name in the most unexpected way.

In 1997, her music prominently appeared on the soundtrack to the James Cameron smash hit Titanic. That film made fans all over the world, and it wasn’t long before everyone was singing “My Heart Will Go On.” Thanks to all of this early success, it was clear decades ago that Dion had a long and illustrious career ahead of her.