The Strangest Things Celebs Were Caught Doing On Camera

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Actors and musicians are paid big bucks to give killer performances that are immortalized by cameras. Once those cameras stop rolling, though, the celebs’ real side comes out. And in many cases, what they get busted doing ends up being far more entertaining than their movies or albums.

That may seem like a big claim, but we brought the receipts. Keep reading to discover the absolutely strangest things celebs were caught doing on camera!

Taylor Swift is apparently too hot for fire to bother her

Could musical legend Taylor Swift secretly be the Khaleese from Game of Thrones? Normally, we wouldn’t think so…at least, until we saw this moment where the singer reached for an outdoor propane torch and then touched the insanely hot flame with her bare hands.

What helps make this perplexing moment so charming is that you can clearly see Swift looking around first to see if there will be any witnesses for what she’s about to do. Half a decade later, she would acknowledge the crazy moment, telling fans via Tumblr that “This was the day I learned fire is hot” along with a facepalm emoji.