The Craziest Details You Never Noticed In Your Favorite Movies

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Ever wonder why we tend to rewatch our favorite movies again and again? It’s simple, really: there are always more details in the background or even hiding in plain sight that you never noticed on previous viewings.

Want to look at your favorite films like never before? We decided to save you some time by uncovering the wildest details hiding in some of the best films ever made. Keep reading to discover what’s been hiding inside your favorite films all this time!

A smart detail in ‘Ratatouille’

Ratatouille is one of our favorite movies because of its wild conceit: a rat serving as the secret adviser helping a young chef, Linguini, become more successful. The movie has many colorful characters, including Chef Skinner, the new restaurant owner who makes the young chef’s life completely miserable.

What most fans don’t know about this character is that his name is an homage to B.F. Skinner, the famous psychologist. The real skinner was known for his eccentric experiments with rats, making him the perfect villain for a Pixar film about a rodent with a heart (and a palate) of gold.