Melissa Rauch: From Jobless and Broke To Hollywood’s Favorite

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Melissa Rauch: From Jobless and Broke To Hollywood’s Favorite

Melissa Rauch is best known for playing the cute yet fierce wife of Howard on “The Big Bang Theory,” Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz, where she totally nailed the character and won everyone over with her lovable attitude. But she definitely has more tricks up her sleeve than just a pretty face and a sense of humor!

Let’s take a closer look at Melissa’s journey from her humble beginnings to stardom. Whether you’re a TBBT superfan or just curious about this phenomenal actress, get ready to be stunned.


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Even as a kid, Melissa wouldn’t quit.

In the early days of her career, Melissa wasn’t doing that wellwhile chasing her acting dreams in Hollywood. After moving to L.A., she quickly learned how tough the entertainment industry can be for a Jersey girl. Even though she had some promising auditions and small movie roles, her big break was still out of reach. She tried her hand at theater but soon realized Los Angeles was not the best place for that simply because not many people would attend the plays. The actress’s early years were filled with disappointments, including roles in movies that were never released and even a failed attempt at modeling.