Khloe Kardashian Incredible Transformation Through The Years 

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Khloe Kardashian Incredible Transformation Through The Years 

When KUWTK first hit the air, Khloe was considered by many to be the most grounded and least shallow Kardashian. She wasn’t afraid to give someone a dose of realness, but all the sisters have undergone a transformation over the past decade. Shocking, the biggest change has been in Khloe. 

Khloe was always a little curvier and taller than her sisters. From fan opinions to the media’s unwarranted comments, we can see how Khloe would change her appearance. It was subtle in the first few seasons, whereas in recent years, it’s been more dramatic. Now that the show has ended, this Good American founder looks practically unrecognizable to some people. 

Khloe Kardashian’s incredible transformation throughout the years has started with hair color changes. In 2007, she had dark brown hair and a natural look, minus some fake tanner and bronzer that we were all guilty of in that era. While her shape was curvy for the next few years, it was more natural and soft-looking. Today, she has a much more dramatic hourglass look. 

By 2012, Khloe converted to a lifestyle with cleaner eating and a fitness regimen. Over the years, her hair got lighter and lighter, but in 2015, her looks started to change as well. This was mostly attributed to weight loss, although rumours circulated that the star may have had some cosmetic procedures done as well. Even as she lost weight, her waist kept getting smaller whilst her booty got bigger, which led some people to raise an eyebrow.

Still, Khloe has always denied getting butt enhancements and surgery. Maybe it is just from all those squats and an expensive personal trainer, but there’s nothing wrong with a little extra boost!

After getting divorced from Lamar Odom, she made some major lifestyle changes. Khloe became obsessed with the gym and after flaunting her new appearance on IG, she started to receive negative comments and questions about her changed appearance. In the past, this has led her to turn off the comments on her accounts.  She even cheekily responded to one comment with, “it’s from the weekly face transplant, clearly.”

In 2015, she did a racy photoshoot with Complex, showing off her new six-pack and revamped look. In 2016, she did a shoot with Shape and explained how proud she was regarding her body and dropping 35 pounds. All this new press coverage earned her new attention – especially that of NBA player Tristan Thompson. Khloe had her daughter True in 2017 with Tristan. This was around the time when she launched her makeover show on E! Called “Revenge Body”, which gave contestants transformations, not unlike Khloe’s.