Jane Fonda Opens Up About Facing Death

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Jane Fonda Opens Up About Facing Death

The term “living legend” gets thrown around quite a bit, and it’s usually not very accurate. There are exceptions, though, including the actor Jane Fonda. She is more than just another memorable face: at this point, it’s fair to say that Fonda is the face of Hollywood!

However, our time to enjoy her famous face may be running out. Recently, she revealed a stunning health diagnosis that has this actress now pondering the end of her life.

What is this diagnosis, though? And how will her reaction to it make you fall in love with Jane Fonda all over again? Keep reading to find out!

Jane Fonda: Hollywood legend

Most actors fit neatly into one niche or another. However, what makes Jane Fonda stand out is that she has so different gears as an actor!

For example, she is a captivating sex symbol in Barbarella, a movie that combines kink and kitsch in equal measure. And she’s downright hilarious in Fun With Dick and Jane, a movie that effortlessly blends comedy and social satire. She is also the quintessential actor’s actor in Klute, one of six different movies for which she won Best Actress.

In retrospect, Jane Fonda helped to reinvent our idea of what films could be even as she reinvented herself in film after film.