Ghost? Busted! The Best Times Ghosts Were Caught On Security Cameras

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Do you believe in ghosts? If you said no, we wouldn’t blame you. It’s difficult to accept things we can’t see for ourselves, and we usually have nothing to go off of except somebody saying they say something. In many cases, these stories transform into weird campfire tales that are passed around simply to scare people.

However, would you believe in ghosts if you could see them with your own eyes? We’re about to find out! Below, we have several juicy security videos that have captured footage of ghosts behaving badly. Keep reading to check it out for yourself and decide if this is enough to make you a believer!

Looking for a midnight snack in the pantry

Is there anything quite as common as heading toward the kitchen in the middle of the night for a snack? We all get the midnight munchies from time to time. And it looks like even ghosts can’t resist the tempting lure of those late-night delights!

This video shows multiple recordings of a ghost who is seemingly opening this person’s pantry in the wee hours of the night. There are also some light “orbs” present in some recordings. Put it together and there seems to be only one conclusion: this pantry must be haunted.