Frase Review: Pricing, Cons, and Benefits

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Frase is a content optimization platform that helps businesses improve the quality, SEO performance, and relevance of their online content.

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Frase fast-tracks content creation and delivery while at the same time improving the quality of the content.

This Frase review will take you through how Frase uses AI to improve content quality for SEO and marketing teams through its features like SEO content workflow, SERP and keyword research, optimization of written content, and paragraph rewriting.

What is Frase?

Frase is an AI-powered content writer and optimization tool that lets you research, outline, create, and optimize content. It also assists with content research, optimization, and performance tracking.

Frase is based in Boston, founded by Tomas Ratia, and was acquired by Copysmith in 2022. Over the last 12 months, there has been a 33.33% increase in the number of companies using Frase, which is indicative of the growing use of AI in competitive marketing.

Frase helps businesses speed up content creation. It is used by 75.7% of marketers to supplement core SEO tools like Ahrefs and Semrush for faster and more optimized web content creation.

Frase Benefits

Frase offers below 5 benefits:

  1. Write AI content: Frase AI lets you write high-quality content by analyzing top organic search results. You can convert outlines to complete drafts with a few clicks or generate detailed outputs by entering precise inputs. You can also create high-converting intros, copy, and so on.
  2. Create Content Outline: Frase helps create customizable outlines manually from top results or expand headings and subheadings using AI. It lets you select headings from Search engine results with the ability to drag headings in the Outline builder.
  3. Extensive SEO Research: With Frase, you can do extensive SEO research, primarily learning from your competitors. It offers an intuitive panel visualizing key metrics such as heading count, word count, etc.
  4. Learn what people are asking: The Frase intuitive panel also offers access to SERP, Quora, Reddit, and People Also Ask Questions.
  5. Optimize already-written content: If you have previously written content, you can use Frase’s intuitive document editor to improve content based on competitors. It gives you a target topic score and the keywords to include.

Frase Features

Fase has 4 key features:

  • Research: Frase saves you a lot of time by condensing and analyzing top search results, providing information such as word count, domain, heading count, etc.
  • Outline: Create an AI-generated or manual outline based on the condensed AI research information.
  • Write: Create SERP-ready AI content, including complete drafts, headings, FAQs, blog intros, etc.
  • Optimize: Optimize your already-written content based on competitors’ data.

Frase also supports multilingual optimization, including English, French, German, Dutch, etc.

Frase Pricing

Frase pricing subscription plans are as follows:

Frase Plan Pricing
Ideal User Monthly Article Limit
Solo Plan $12/month 1 user 4 articles
Basic Plan $38/month 1 user 30 articles
Team Plan $97/month Upto 3 users Unlimited articles

Frase also offers a Pro Add-on at $35 per month, which lets you:

  • Unlimited access to Frase AI writer
  • Unlock keyword search volume in Outline Builder
  • Get access to more SERP data, including domain authority and backlink data

If you would rather not commit on the fly, Frase has a 5-day trial for only $1 that can be canceled anytime.

How Does Frase Work?

In this section, we’ll take a closer look at how Frase works.

Research, Outline, Optimization, and AI Tools

Frase offers features such as SEO research, outline creation, content optimization, and access to AI tools to optimize your content. Once you log in, you’ll notice a clean dashboard.


The left menu provides access to most Frase features, such as AI tools, SEO tools, and documents. However, to see Frase in action, create a “New Document” button available on the top right of the web page.


In a Frase document, you can research, write, and optimize content with or without the use of Frase AI tools.

  • Create New Content: This lets you create a new empty document.
  • Optimize existing content: Optimize already written content. You can import content by URL or copy-paste the content.
  • Target Search Query: Enter the search query you want to rank for.
  • Country: The county you’re aiming to rank for.
  • Language: Let you choose the content language between English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, etc.
  • Save to folder: Choose the folder you would like to save the document.

When creating the New Document, you’ll need to fill out a few fields:


The Frase document, once created, starts processing the top 20 SERP results.

Let’s create a document with the keyword “best B2B hosting providers.” We’ll use it throughout the review to give you examples to follow!


Frase lets you carry out proper SEO research. With it, you can create the best SEO content for the given seed keyword. The research starts as soon as you create the Frase document. It will Google search the term and analyze the top 20 SERP results using AI.

Once done, Frase will list a plethora of key metrics, including:

  • Average word count in the search results.
  • Number of headers the competitors are using.
  • Number of links and images.

Frase also summarizes the processed result by listing the articles’ search engine ranking, article outlines, word count, and DA (domain authority). Furthermore, you can expand each heading and read the competitor’s take on it. You can paste the content into the editor and ask the AI to write it for you.



Frase lets you create detailed content outlines.


You can do it by choosing any of the two options:

  • Generate Headings from Search Results
  • Generate Heading Ideas with AI

The easiest way is to choose the 2nd option, “Generate Heading Ideas with AI.”


It’ll automatically suggest the most optimal heading suggestions, which you can later modify.

You can directly paste the generated heading to the editor by clicking on “paste” or go to “Instructions” to instruct the AI to start writing the article draft. Here, you can provide detailed instructions to each heading for desired output. To showcase, let’s write the first header with AI. Here, I input the following AI instruction.

Please write a brief introduction to B2B hosting providers and why B2B needs them. Try to engage the audience so they keep reading. Treat this as a blog post introduction.

Note: You can also generate content without instructions. However, without precise input instructions, AI outputs verbose and out-of-context content.

Click on “Execute Instruction”, and you’ll see the output inserted into your editor.


Here is what the editor looks like.


Now, let’s move our focus to selecting headings from Search Results.


It will redirect to a top-down view of the top 20 SERP headings. You can click on any of the headings and add them to your outline.


You can also drag and drop the headings or arrange them. In addition, you can also add a custom header. Finally, you can save the outline.


With Frase AI, you can optimize your already-written content based on SERP metrics captured from competitor analysis.

To start, choose “optimize existing content” during new document creation. You can import via URL or copy-paste the content.

For example, let’s optimize my already published Microsoft Loop review.

I imported the content using a URL and entered the targeted keyword during the new document creation stage.


It’ll then ask you to optimize the content.


You can click the “Optimize your content” button or skip to Research View to look at how competitors approached SEO writing on the topic. Here, you’ll see key SERP metrics, including words, headers, links, and images.

In addition to the Overview, you also get Headings, Questions, Stats, News, and Wiki, giving you vital information to optimize your content.


Clicking on “Optimize” can give you access to vital information such as topic score, competitors info, and heatmap.

The topic score is calculated based on the list of competitor’s keywords and occurrences. To optimize the content, you need to go through the keyword list and edit your content to include them.

These keywords are a guide and, hence, don’t need complete compliance. You’re free to add or remove any suggestion as per your needs. It’s best to achieve at least the average score to give your topic to rank higher.


In the competitor’s tab, you can see how your content ranks against others.


The heatmap lets you visualize the keywords and their occurrence times across the top 20 SERP results.


AI Tools

Frase AI tools let you create content, optimize content, and improve SEO research. You can access Frase AI tools directly within the intuitive text editor or from the main dashboard.

Frase AI tool consists of multiple options. The most notable and my favorites include:

  • Blog title ideas → generate blog ideas from target keywords.
  • Article writer → Write an article from scratch.
  • AI Writer with Web Knowledge → Use the web to generate accurate content.
  • Blog introduction → Let Frase write the blog introduction.

And many more.


You can access them via categories that include SEO, Long-Form, Q&A, Rewrite, Marketing, Shorten, and Social. Frase also lets you access the tools from a text content editor.


Additionally, you can also generate content directly by providing the background, keywords to include, tone of voice, and content length. That’s not all, as Frase has community-driven AI tools with diverse applicability, such as

  • Premium Paragraph Rewriter
  • Answer the Question
  • AI Summarizer
  • AI Image Prompt Gen,

And so on. As a Frase user, you can also create a new custom tool and customize it as per your requirements.

Frase SEO Content Generation vs. SEO Outline Creation vs. SEO Optimization

At Frase’s core, you get the ability to carry out three actions:

  • SEO content generation
  • SEO outline creation
  • SEO content optimization

SEO content generation saves you time by generating AI content based on top competitors. It is AI-generated and, hence, not favorable for search ranking purposes. However, you can edit the AI content to make it SEO-optimized.

On the other hand, SEO outline creation is an excellent feature that lets you create detailed outlines. You can ask Frase AI to generate headings or manually go through the top SERP results and manually create one yourself. The outline creator supports the drag-and-drop feature, and the ability to add manual headings and generate AI content.

Lastly, SEO optimization improves your content’s chance of ranking higher. Frase’s ability to analyze and condense top search results is outstanding. You can find what keywords the competitors are targeting, the number of words they’re writing, and the number of links and images. All these SERP metrics give you a clear SEO optimization path.

Overall, I like Frase’s ability to guide SEO content creation with AI.


  • SEO content generation: 4/5
  • SEO outline creation: 4.8/5
  • SEO optimization: 4.7/5

Frase Pros

  • Frase enhances SEO content generation with AI-powered features.
  • Ability to analyze competitors extensively, a feature not commonly found in other SEO tools.
  • Provides a strong foundation for SEO managers before starting content creation.
  • Enables the creation of detailed content briefs.
  • Offers guidance and specific targets for writing SEO content based on keywords or topics.
  • Includes additional benefits like comprehensive competitive analysis and a robust AI writing tool.

Frase Cons

  • One downside of Frase, like other B2B solutions, is its AI, which may lack accuracy and creativity compared to competitors like Jasper AI.
  • Competitors like Jasper AI and SurferSEO offer better quality in AI and SEO content optimization, making them better alternatives to Frase.
  • Frase can be a good choice for those looking for an all-in-one solution, but it may not be the best option in terms of AI accuracy and overall quality.

Who is Frase for? is for small to medium-scale businesses who want an all-in-one solution to improve their SEO content workflow.

Who is Frase not for?

Frase is not for publications with a tight budget as it can add substantial costs on top of other SEO solutions that the business might be already using, i.e., Ahrefs.

Enterprises or big publications wanting finer control over their content creation process should avoid Frase. They can check out Frase alternatives such as Surfer AI, Jasper AI, Inlinks, or Scalenut.

What are the Other SEO Content Optimization and AI Writing tools besides Frase?

There are plenty of Frase alternatives for SEO content optimization software I’ve listed below.

Inlinks is one of the best SEO content optimization all-in-one solutions. It comes with more features compared to Frase as Inlinks also focuses on technical SEO, such as automating and optimizing internal links, deploying SEO elements, comprehensive content optimization, keyword research, and social media sharing.

#2. Surfer AI

Surfer AI is a viable Frase alternative. Like Frase, it also suggests outlining and helping you improve your content with AI. You can insert suggested keywords with its suggestive guide to speed up the content optimization process. Additionally, it also offers keyword research.

#3. Jasper AI

Jasper AI is a top SEO content optimization and AI tool. Unlike Frase, Jasper is enterprise-ready, powered by Microsoft’s Copilot. The advanced AI can help teams achieve marketing goals with access to company knowledge. Teams also flourish with Jasper AI as it leads to fewer miscommunications. With complete AI-assisted content, you can generate ideas faster with access to analytics and insights.

#4. Scalenut

Scalenut is a Copilot-powered SEO content lifecycle solution. It helps teams to optimize the entire SEO lifecycle. The Copilot AI captures the latest information and uses it to guide SEO teams in building their SEO blog. Scalebut features include automated optimization technology, keyword planner, cruise mode, content optimizer, traffic analyzer, and more.

The comparison of the features of Frase with those of its alternatives is given in the table below. 

Parameters Frase Jasper AI Surfer SEO Inlinks Scalenut
Outline creation/Content Briefs Yes No Yes No No
SERP Analysis Yes No Yes No Yes
Languages Support 7 25+ 7 8 1
Enhance old content Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Technical SEO No No No Yes No

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the features of Frase?

Frase features include content scoring, automated content briefs, project status settings, custom templates, outline builder, Google Search Console integration, AI content generation, and content optimization.

Can you write SEO articles using Frase?

Yes, you can write SEO articles using Frase. You can use its AI to analyze the keyword that guides you to create a detailed outline. From there, you can write the draft yourself or use AI to do it.

Is Frase better than Surfer and Inlinks?

No, Frase is not better than Surfer and Inlinks. As Frase aims to provide an all-in-one solution, it lacks the quality that Surfer and Inlinks offer.

My Frase Verdict

Frase brings a new approach to SEO research and writing. It is unique enough to warrant attention, especially from businesses who want to take advantage of SEO and rank their content.

My experience with Frase dictates that it solves key problems when it comes to creating and optimizing SEO content. You start with a blank document and quickly come up with a comprehensive content brief and even complete drafts with the help of its AI.

All of these can be done without leaving Frase, saving you precious time and effort. So, Frase can fit itself perfectly in the SEO content creation and publishing process.

However, all of these come at a premium price, which makes Frase a hard pick, especially if you have a limited budget. Especially when other viable alternatives can do a better job in respective departments. Jasper AI offers better AI writing capabilities compared to Frase, whereas SurferSEO is an excellent tool for optimizing your articles.

Frase’s outline creation is unique, which Jasper AI or Inlinks doesn’t offer. Competitors such as SurferSEO now offer AI-generated outlines.

Despite its few drawbacks and tough competition, Frase receives Geekflare’s Innovation Award for its ability to analyze and condense top SERP results, providing vital information to build your content.

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