Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo using Dr.Fone System Repair

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Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo using Dr.Fone System Repair

Stuck on the Apple logo or have an endless boot loop? Let’s get any iOS-powered device working again with Dr. Fone System Repair.

iPhones are known for their stability and security. This is the primary attribute that makes it attractive among its users.

However, these aren’t without their fair share of issues that are often shared on social media forums, thanks to the popularity of these usually expensive gadgets.

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But you don’t have to suffer like that, as long you have a professional iOS system recovery tool, such as Wondershare Dr. Fone System Repair.

Trusted by millions of users worldwide, Dr. Fone can help with most system-related problems, including when you get stuck on the welcome screen and can’t even get inside, boot loop or iPhone keeps restarting, etc. In major cases, the culprit is a bad update or any other software issue.

Let’s check out the offering and how you can have your favorite piece of technology back to work.

Dr. Fone System Repair

This small troubleshooting tool can fix your iOS system errors with just a few clicks and has a straightforward user interface that anyone can use.

This can help you solve problems like:

  • iOS stuck in recovery mode
  • Frozen device
  • Endless boot loop
  • White/Black Screen of Death
  • and a lot more…

These issues can be rectified in two ways: with or without data loss. 

Some surface issues can be taken care of without losing the data. However, a few require data-wipe for troubleshooting–leaving the only option of starting afresh.

Still, Dr. Fone System Repair solves most while keeping your data intact. And the best thing is it works on most iOS devices,  including those running on iOS 15.

Besides, you can downgrade iOS without iTunes, and there is absolutely no need to jailbreak. And this downgrade won’t even cause any data loss, making Dr. Fone System Repair an ideal tool to use.

Conclusively, it not only helps when your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo but is also capable of rectifying most iOS software-based issues.

How does it Work?

The beauty of this software is in its simplicity. Any first-timer can perform iOS system recovery by following on-screen instructions.

The first step is downloading and installing the application, which is available for Windows and Mac. 

Subsequently, open the application and choose the repair mode.

As shown in the image, the Standard Mode will try iOS system repair without data loss. This is the first one that anyone should try before moving to the Advanced Mode.

Next, you will see instructions to connect the subject device based on the model. These steps attempt to put the iOS device into recovery mode.

However, if it fails to enter into recovery mode, try DFU mode (explained in the FAQ section). Again, the method to enter into DFU mode is based on the device and can be checked by clicking the If your device fails to enter…mentioned at the bottom of the application screen.

Next, it will download the appropriate firmware and asks permission to initiate repair. Finally, you can reboot the device or try again with Advanced Mode if the Standard fails.

Check this short video for a quick go-through:

YouTube video

As you can see, the iOS system recovery was that easy. And the cherry on the cake is that you need not pay until you download the software and check its compatibility with your device.

Conclusively, you can use it risk-free, and only the final step of actual fixing is where you’ll need to buy a subscription which leads us to…


Dr. Fone System Repair starts from $19.95, giving you a three-month license. So this will be around $6.65 per month and works for up to five devices on a single computer.

However, the most economical individual plan is for a year which bills just $4.99/month.

Its team subscriptions don’t have any quarterly plan and start from $63.92 per year and go up depending upon the number of devices and user access.


What are Recovery Mode and DFU Mode on iPhone?

Both these modes are used in troubleshooting. The most prominent difference between these is Recovery Mode uses iBoot, which is the first program when you switch on your iOS-powered device.
However, DFU (Device Firmware Update) is the one more powerful and can revive your iPhone from any state. Typically, it bypasses iBoot to install suitable firmware.

How do you restore an iPhone to factory settings?

A factory reset wipes all the data on your iOS device. This solves some of the software issues and is also used when you transfer the gadget ownership to someone else. It’s recommended to take the backup of the data before proceeding:
— Navigate to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset.
— Tap Erase All Content and Settings.
— Enter your screen passcode and Apple ID password if required.
— Finally, confirm to erase the device.

What should I do if my iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo?

You can install Dr.Fone System Repair on a Windows PC or Mac. Subsequently, connect your device and follow the on-screen instructions on Dr.Fone System Repair.
It’s an easy tool that doesn’t need any technical expertise.

Can I try Dr.Fone – System Repair for free?

You can download it for free and check its suitability for your device. However, you need a subscription for the actual repair.


Dr. Fone System Repair is a nifty tool for iOS software issues. The best part remains the free download and paying only after confirming specific device support.

And finally, you also get a 7-day money-back guarantee in case anything goes wrong.

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