Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Upgrade To Windows 11

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Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Upgrade To Windows 11

A few weeks ago, Microsoft officially announced Windows 11, their latest OS is indeed like the rumors and discussions that said in trending twitter, this OS is indeed cool, simple, and looks more modern, although I don’t deny the design myself. presented in fact more similar to the Mac than Windows itself.

Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Upgrade To Windows 11

Upgrade To Windows 11
Upgrade To Windows 11

Now, since it’s been released, and maybe there are many people who use this OS. Some of them even force installation even though the system requirements are not met. So this time, let’s discuss what are the Five Reasons Why You Don’t Need to Upgrade to Windows 11. are among them:

  • Windows 10 Will Still Get Support, At Least Five More Years

Many think that with the presence of Windows 11. Microsoft will stop Windows 10 and will no longer support it, whether it’s providing new features or security updates. Actually that’s wrong guys, because you must know that Windows 10 Home and Pro versions will at least get updates up to 14 October 2021.

In fact, Windows 10 LTSC 2019 will still get support at least until 2029 and that’s the reason why I don’t want to move from this OS.

  • Windows 10 Hardware Support More Mainstream

Unlike Windows 11, there are a number of limitations from the Windows 11 system requirements, for example Windows 11 requires Secure Boot Enable, TPM 2.0 and the most pressing for many users is that the minimum CPU used must be Intel Gen 8 or AMD 2000 Series Desktop.

With that, of course, if you are an old CPU or hardware user, using Windows 10 is still the best thing for you to do, because after all. Windows 10 can almost run on all hardware available on the market, for maximum performance, you just need to upgrade RAM and SSD. That’s it you’ve got enough performance Okay for daily use.

  • Windows 11 Still Not Perfect

Five Reasons Why You Shouldn't Upgrade To Windows 11
Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Upgrade To Windows 11

Even though it has been officially launched, in my opinion Windows 11 is still not perfect. For example, there are still some problems that occur, whether it’s a performance problem that was reported by many AMD users yesterday. Some printer problems, until some features that should be there are even removed.

In addition, important features such as the Windows Subsystem for Android have not yet been launched, even though Windows 11 has entered Insiders a few months ago.

To get the most perfect Windows 11 experience, at least in my opinion, we have to wait for another 1-2 years.

  • Many Unnecessary Features in Windows 11

Did you know, Windows 11 brings a number of other default applications that are directly integrated with the system, for example Microsoft Teams, besides that there are other features such as Snap Group which in my opinion, Microsoft Teams just becomes bloatware if users never use it, while for Snap Groups, although basically created to help users arrange Windows layouts, but this feature will be less than optimal if applied to screens below 14 inches, because of the lack of area and screen resolution.

Of course there are still many cool features in Windows 11 that are actually very useful, but are they necessary? are you going to use this feature every day? for example in Windows 10, until now do you often use Clipboard History? Surely not everyone uses this feature, even some of them don’t know what the Clipboard History feature is, and the same thing with Windows 11. The new feature will be less popular if it’s not needed for daily activities.

  • The new look in Windows 11 is good, but what do you do?

A simple, cleaner and more minimalist design certainly makes many people like Windows 11. However, are you aware that with the new look there are a number of features that are omitted? for example, the ability to move the Taskbar position, or the ability to open the Task Manager via the Taskbar, in Windows 11 these two features do not exist. Whereas since the previous Windows era, these two features have become an important part of the OS.

Now that’s the only reason why you don’t need to upgrade to Windows 11. Of course the reasons above are mostly based on my opinion, so don’t be surprised if you have a difference of opinion.