Facts About the Film Step Up Even the Biggest Fans Don’t Know

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The Step Up films eventually turned into a franchise that has had six movies so far and just keeps dancing. The reason for all the sequels, of course, is that the first movie won over audiences in 2006 and just kept making new generations of fans.

Our own love of Step Up caused us to recently do a deep dive into the first film. We discovered some facts that are almost (almost) as shocking as Channing Tatum’s body. Think you’re a real superfan? Keep reading to discover facts about Step Up even the biggest fans don’t know!

The shirt that kept ruining a dance

While everything about Step Up is great, most fans can agree that the dancing is the best part. The skilled choreography is only enhanced by how hot our two lead dance partners are. That’s why we were surprised to discover that one sexy shirt kept ruining a great dance.

If you’re like us, the image of Jenna Dewan’s shirt from the rooftop is burned into your brain. It looks hot to audiences, but Channing Tatum later said the thing felt more like a wet water balloon than a shirt. That might not have mattered as much but the material was so slippery when wet that it made all of the lifts in this iconic scene that much more difficult to perform.