Amazon’s latest Fire TVs can now use AI to generate custom art backgrounds

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Amazon’s latest Fire TVs can now use AI to generate custom art backgrounds

Back at its fall hardware event, Amazon announced that AI artwork generation would be coming to its Fire TV Omni QLED televisions and the second-gen Fire TV Stick 4K Max. And now, the feature has begun rolling out to those products in the US, giving owners a way to create a custom background using an Alexa voice prompt. You can say something like “Alexa, create a background of a medieval castle on Mars,” and you’ll see the image gradually created in front of you.

The AI Art feature is powered by Alexa and a fine-tuned Titan Image Generator model, according to Amazon. If you’ve used AI image creation tools before, this should feel familiar: Amazon will create up to four unique images for each prompt. You can also apply any number of artistic styles, including pixel art, oil painting, watercolor, colored pencil, and so on. Your custom AI artwork can be set as the background on your Fire TV device, and you’ll also have the option to save to Amazon Photos for easy sharing elsewhere.

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AI Art is only available on Fire TV devices that include ambient mode. Currently, that’s the Fire TV Omni QLED Series and the second-generation Fire TV Stick 4K Max.